The house and lot development of Valenza in Sta. Rosa, Laguna quickly earns the attention of potential home buyers with its beautiful Italian-inspired home designs. Indeed, walking into this community feels more like walking into a Tuscan community rather than in Laguna. However, the beautifully designed homes are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The wide array of facilities and amenities available here ensure that you can live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle while exploiting that sense of relaxed community.

The developers of Valenza wanted to provide a safe and secure community for the families of its future residents. Hence, they have put in place a good property management system to oversee the needs of its residents. One of the basic needs include an efficient security system. There is a minimum of 2 security guards stationed at the gate at all times. This will ensure a safe entry and exit point for the residents. In addition, there is also security personnel roaming the grounds of this massive development at all times. You can therefore sleep sound knowing that your safety and security is guaranteed at all times. All of the security guards on duty are also professionally trained to provide maximum security and protection to your family.

With a good security system in place, it is therefore a good time to look into the world-class amenities available to the residents of Valenza. These amenities provide added value to your property investment. A thematic atmosphere is one of the things that make this development stand out from all the others in the country. The consistent design them makes it more unique and it is true not just for the homes but also for the club house and other amenities in this community. Speaking of clubhouse, this facility is open to all residents and is ideal for hosting parties, events and other special occasions. Right next to the clubhouse is the swimming pool. The pool provides the perfect venue for you and your family to relax during those lazy afternoons. This is a full-sized swimming pool with tables, chairs, lounge seats and sail shades so you can relax even on hot days.

For those who lead an active lifestyle (young or old), there are several amenities within Valenza that would cater to your needs. Your options include scenic jogging trails, a landscaped public park and children’s playground. There is also a basketball court within the community.

  • Club House and Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Function Hall
  • Jogging Path
  • Landscaped Park
  • Open Hall
  • Landscaped Park
  • Swimming Pool
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On top of these comfort amenities, there are several premium utilities in place during the development of this house and lot project. For example, there is an overhead line for cable, communication and power. To add to the security system in place at Valenza, there is also a perimeter fence and buffer trees near the boundary of this development. Meanwhile, the residents can ensure a consistent water supply with its deep well system and water reservoir.

All of these  modern and basic amenities combine to providing a comfortable living setup for the residents of Valenza. Whatever you need might be, the amenities are provided to satisfy your family’s needs.

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